S1, E2: Leanne Kemp

On this episode of Accelerating Change, we hear from tech entrepreneur Leanne Kemp, Queensland’s Former Chief Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Everledger.

Really, the leverage [to bring about change] that comes from using your brain and being connected to the human spirit is what the education system should have at the forefront of every single curriculum area, maths and science, even the arts. Bring it [curriculum] closer together to this innovation logic with entrepreneurship at the forefront because it gives you the ability to solve problems – that’s what entrepreneurs do.

Leanne Kemp

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Show Notes

In the second episode of the Accelerating Change podcast, Dr Paul Browning speaks with Leanne Kemp, Former Chief Entrepreneur, QLD and CEO of Everledger.

Leanne grew up in Brisbane where she studied commerce at university for around 18 months before she started her first company in technology. Since then, Leanne has been pushing boundaries by addressing real-world challenges through driving transparency and trust along global supply chains using emerging technology – blockchain. Leanne is an appointed member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Blockchain Business Council and a Co-Chair for the World Trade Board’s Sustainable Trade Action Group. She is also on the IBM Blockchain Platform Board of Advisors. Her leadership role in technology has been recognised, winning awards including Innovator of the Year 2018 at the Women in IT Awards (London).

Join us for this episode where Paul and Leanne dive into innovation logic, developing a tolerance for risk and resilience, and whether or not entrepreneurs are born or made.

“You’ve got to perfect the art of being a ‘loser’ in order to be a great entrepreneur.”

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  • 0:35 Leanne’s background
  • 2:58 Innovators vs Entrepreneurs
  • 4:32 Entrepreneurial Pathways – learning to fail
  • 6:40 Teamwork and Intrapreneurship
  • 9:41 The future
  • 13:33 Keeping up with change – education


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